Psychic Advice


A psychic is often asked to give psychic advice to others. Therefore, giving psychic advice is a meaningful skill for a psychic to develop.

Before formulating the psychic advice, the psychic should consider the form of the question, the purpose and intent behind it, the person who asks the question, his or her background and limitations, as well as the context of the question.

When asked for psychic advice, there are several approaches a psychic can take to answering them:

- the psychic can answer the form (rather than the essence) of the question
- the psychic can refuse to answer or point out that the person should find the answer on his own
- the psychic can guide the person to asking a more relevant question
- the psychic can answer the essence (rather than the form) of the question

When offering psychic advice in a particular situation, determining which approach will be most beneficial is up to the sense of balance of the psychic.


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