Psychic Dog


A psychic dog is truly man's best friend.

A psychic dog is open-hearted, candid, and extremely loyal. A psychic dog is in connection with predominantly masculine psychic energies, which can manifest itself as boyish silliness and vulnerability, along with the tendency to go through walls head-first.

On the psychic level, a psychic dog can serve as a watchdog, a shield, or if the animal is spiritually advanced, also as a caretaker and psychic balancer. (Such a dog can work miracles around children.)

A psychic dog is usually dependent on its master for not only physical needs, but also emotional ones. A psychic dog gives all it has into this relationship: it can result in reaching spiritual heights or the loss of physical survival instincts (especially if the relationship is one-sided).

The master or dog psychic has to give trust and be trustworthy as well - this forms the basis of the relationship which can be built on.


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