Psychic Healer


A psychic healer is a person who has to maintain great balance at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

One-sided spiritual views, unclear thoughts, emotional fears or physical sickness all cause imbalance at their respective levels of being, and any such imbalances negatively influence the psychic healer.

In such a case, the psychic healer must heal himself/herself first.

Healing others is a process in which the psychic healer identifies at which level lies the imbalance, finds out the root causes, considers various possible solutions, chooses one and finally realizes the actual healing.

The psychic healer seeks out the necessary information by becoming one with the person being healed, and herein lies the danger: the psychic faces and assumes the imbalances of others as his/her own, and must be able to heal oneself instantly - and then proceed to offer the state of wholeness to the other person.


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