Psychic Intuition


Psychic intuition is an ability we all have.

Intuition is just a term we use when we know something, but cannot explain how we know it. (Often the knowledge itself gained through intuition is vague.)

Psychologists call it 'intuition' when our subconscious extracts information from the vast amounts of data our minds have gathered, and psychics call it 'psychic intuition' when our consciousness connects with a baser reality and presents us a gleam of information from there. (For practical purposes, 'intuition' and 'psychic intuition' are the same.)

A psychic has to be able to assume two different attitudes towards psychic intuition: Sometimes it is enough to trust your own psychic intuition and go along with it, while sometimes it is more important to find out where the intuition came from.

Through practice, the psychic is able to balance the two attitudes towards psychic intuition. Depending on the situation, both attitudes may lead the psychic to greater insights.

A master psychic can expand his or her consciousness both ways and improves the process of psychic intuition to the point of surety.


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