Psychic Protection


When in a difficult situation, it is often prudent to ask others for help and protection, and conversely, to offer it to those who ask.

Due to being able to see more, the psychic is often in the position to offer psychic protection.

Establishing psychic protection is much like being a gatekeeper: the psychic stands between the person protected and the menacing energies. This way the psychic is able to protect the person from the energies, and also the person from his or her own ambition.

Psychic protection is dynamic. By examining the situation carefully, the psychic can determine if the person can handle everything at once (needing no psychic protection), or if it is best for the person to face things step-by-step.

Providing psychic protection can be disadvantageous to the psychic if the psychic is overprotective - the difference between psychic protection and psychic prison is mostly a matter of perspective.


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