Psychic Question


A psychic question differs in three ways from a regular one: a psychic question is subjective, reflective, and carries the seed of its answer.

Subjective means that the psychic question has to make sense only to the person who asks it. Formulating the question so that others can understand it as well may be difficult and the psychic question might lose some accuracy in the process.

Making a psychic question is also like constructing a mirror. A well-formed psychic question reveals much about the person who asks it. In this sense, the reflectivity of a psychic question offers an opportunity to learn more about oneself.

A well-formed psychic question carries the seed of its answer. Forming the question well, understanding it clearly and in depth is almost always more important than comprehending only the answer.

By maintaining an open attitude and asking a clear and well-understood psychic question, the answer is not far away - reaching out for it is natural and easy.


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