Psychic Reader


Starting out on the psychic path is often the hardest. A psychic reader complements spiritual clarity with a psychic system, tradition or discipline and gains psychic abilities by uniting these two.

A psychic reader can find logic, stability, coherency, and a degree of objectiveness in a good psychic system, tradition or discipline. Using the knowledge others have developed and distilled into a usable form can prove beneficial to the psychic reader.

A psychic reader usually follows a system which focuses on the passive, perceptive aspect of psychic sight (eg. astrology). Practitioners of systems which focus on the active, creative aspect of psychic sight (eg. cabalism) are often called 'mages'.

It is very important to use a psychic system as a tool and not confuse the system with the world it represents. Many aspiring psychic readers become prisoners of their own perception because of this mistake. An experienced psychic reader is aware of the limitations of the system he or she uses.


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