Psychic Surgery


Psychic surgery is the act of performing a psychic operation.

A psychic surgery can be performed at the spiritual level (dealing with perspectives), the mental level (dealing with thoughts) and the emotional level (dealing with fears).

The most important tool in a psychic surgery is the psychic's sight. Psychic sight is a wonderful ability: by looking at a point the psychic can create something out of seeming nothingness or reduce it back to 'nothing'.

The process of psychic surgery is the following:

By thoroughly understanding the situation and the problem at hand, the psychic is able to make the smallest psychic cuts at the key places. This frees up suppressed and unhealthy energy flows. After that, the psychic's task is to simply guide for a short time the consciousness of the person who just had psychic surgery.

While the psychic is preventing the energy flows from collapsing to the unhealthy state again, the consciousness of the person healed is able to create healthy energy flows and a healthy form.

The psychic ability to perform psychic surgery requires delicate understanding of destructive and creative processes.


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