How To Do Psychic Readings


Doing psychic readings is one of those abilities which are essentially simple but can also become complex and deep as you progress on the path of the psychic.

How to do psychic readings?

For a beginner psychic, the answer is: Imagine! Loosen up your mind and try to embrace a wider perspective. Don't be afraid to guess; even a hit and miss approach will improve over time. The secret at this level is to trust your subconscious - the possibilities which are easier to imagine are more likely to be true.

For an advanced psychic, the answer is: Be empty! Be as clear as a crystal or the reflection from the surface of an unmuddied lake. From this attitude of emptiness you can calm your mind and begin to focus on the object of the psychic reading.

The focus should be a light focus, not a strong focus. You welcome back thoughts and feelings which are connected to the object of your focus. Nothing exists by itself in the void - you map out the surroundings you see. Once you have the mental image of these psychic surroundings, you can 'trace' particular thoughts or energies to find the answers to more specific questions you might have.

Practice makes perfect, and over time psychic readings become a form of second vision.


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