Psychic Clairvoyance


Psychic clairvoyance is one of the most basic abilities of a beginner psychic, but it is also a hallmark of a master psychic. Pursuing clarity and clear vision is a good thing to do at any level of progress.

Reality is like a house of mirrors with no exit. The goal of a beginner clairvoyant is to generally to find a little clarity within a sea of confusion. An advanced clairvoyant understands that clarity very much depends on which point of view you are looking from.

Clarity is not only found - it is also created, absorbed, reflected and resonated. By refining your vision you are capable of accessing many other psychic powers as well.

Advanced psychic clairvoyance is not only about looking at things, but experiencing a state of existence. Such an experience implies an infinity of perspectives and relations, and it can be difficult for the psychic to reduce that holistic experience to mere words.


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