Psychic Psychology?


The psychic field and the field of psychology both deal with the domain of the mind and have a lot in common.

Psychology is a scientific field which lies somewhere between biology and sociology. Biology is more materialistic, sociology is more easily observable. Since the human psyche is both rational and irrational, psychology is a bit 'off' as a science and has difficuly in measuring and objectifying.

Unfortunately, the psychic field is closer to superstition than to science (due to its lack of objective structure). Its strength and weakness lies in the fact that every psychic basically has to reinvent the whole field from scratch - in this sense, the psychic field is actually a discipline.

Study of psychology has much to contribute to the development of a psychic - and vice versa, psychic introspection has much to contribute to the understanding of a psychologist.

Whatever path you choose to follow, keep an open mind.


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