Test Psychic Ability


Why test your psychic ability? Don't do it to show off - do it because it's good practice.

Unfortunately, psychic tests you can find in popular magazines are just worthless garbage. Even scientific tests are generally still garbage.

Fortunately, there are better ways to test psychic ability. Remember that psychic abilities come from the subjective side or reality - and the key to that reality is yourself.

You are always there for yourself. Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your interactions - these can all be good ways to test psychic ability. Pretty much anything you do or anything you see can become a psychic test.

Try to see the future, if only for the next second. Try to see the past. Instead of looking at a thing the way you ordinarily perceive it, try to perceive it in ten more different ways. Play with your thoughts - what if you skip a step? Visualize your thoughts, visualize your desires, visualize the music you are listening to.

Think of such tiny tests for yourself and do them a million times - your psychic experiences and your understanding of them are bound to increase and improve.


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