Psychic Body


'Body' is a nice word for describing how consciousness structures itself.

We can talk about a physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual or psychic body etc., but it's so much about making an objective distinction as it is about understanding how these bodies of consciousness are 'nested' within one another and how they interact. Both analytic and holistic understanding are important for psychics.

(If it is unclear, let's try to explain this 'nestedness' through an example. It's a common analogy to liken the human mind to computer software and the human body to computer hardware, but lets take it a step further. Computer programs also have binary code, source code, computer language and standard algorithms - each of these serving as a 'body' for the one before it.)

Many have the misconception that in order to progress spiritually, you have to neglect the physical. This is not a good approach; your physical body is the greatest tool you will have and you should take care of it. The physical body has many finely tuned systems and levels of consciousness integrated into one. If some aspect is out of balance, then it affects other parts of the body and shakes the support which carries everyday human consciousness.

One simple tip for balancing the psychic realm with the bodily physical world is to pay attention to your eating habits. Don't eat anything and any amount; with each bite, ask yourself if this is good for your body, and if not, find out what is. Be aware of what kind of psychic energies enter and exit your body so directly.


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