Psychic Communication


Psychic communication is not really communication, but psychic communion. It's about sharing a whole, rather than transmitting a part.

For any kind of psychic communication to take place ('communication' in the sense of symbolized, formal interaction), a degree of psychic communion has to take place first.

It is most efficient if the psychic is familiar with this underlying process; if that is not the case, psychic communication is a hit-or-miss thing. If the communion takes place on the subconscious rather than the conscious level, much training is required for any kind of success.

It is easier to learn that psychic communication is actually a form of psychic telepathy, and can be used to enhance rather than replace traditional verbal communication. The psychic communion can be achieved through the clarity of unconditional love. (Needy, jealous type romantical 'love' just doesn't cut it.)

A good first step to understanding psychic communication is to pay attention to your own thought processes and realize that your own thoughts are multi-layered and not linear.


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