Psychic DNA


A biologist (or biochemist) looks at DNA as the building block from which all life is formed. A psychic looks at DNA as essential condensation of psychic energy signatures. Science takes an analytical, bottom-up approach, while a psychic generally prefers the holistic, top-down approach.

The practical difference between these views is that a scientist looks at what he could build from the DNA, while a psychic creates something on the psychic level and looks at how he can manifest and realize it at a near-physical level.

What is an energy signature? If you look at the psychic energies of a system, you can see patterns and vibrations that are dominant, and the variations of such a clear signal lead to the unfolding of the system as a whole. These clear patterns are the energy signatures, and the DNA spirals are the clearest manifestation of these in a living biological system.

For a psychic, matter is a condensation of consciousness. Those with complete mastery of their consciousness can influence and change their bodies even on the deep level of psychic DNA.


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