Psychic Divine


When we talk about gods or goddesses, we are reacting with our thoughts. When we are talking about the divine, we are reacting with our feelings.

How can we experience the divine? Sometimes a piece of art touches us profoundly. Sometimes it is another person or a small act of kindness. Sometimes it is caused by the satisfaction we feel when we achieve our goals after hard work.

We usually confine ourselves to a small part of our realities, and sometimes when an event occurs that acts as a catalyst we get to experience more of ourselves - a profound connection with the universe. Such an experience is often overwhelming; it can leave us without words - or even breathless.

The way a normal person approaches such experiences of the divine is simply to hope for more. A psychic is in the business of understanding them and being able to replicate them at will.

To reliably approach the higher frequencies of the psychic divine, clarity of mind, body, soul, and spirit is advised.


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