Psychic Rituals


Many spiritual disciplines use various rituals to give form and focus to the teachings of that discipline. (Religions are especially 'pro forma'.)

In contrast, psychic rituals lean more towards the personal side. Rituals of psychic nature can range from habits through attitudes and lifestyles to specific techniques designed for specific purposes. However, the structure of such rituals is generally internal rather than external; they have to make sense only to the person who uses them.

It is not surprising that humanity has the longest tradition of superstitions. Many of the superstitions have been originally used as psychic rituals, but as the personal understanding of the motions of the rituals disappeared, all that were left are the empty shells that made no sense to others.

Be aware of your habits and attitudes - these are the most powerful personal psychic rituals. Change the negative ones, and make sure to use habits rather than fall into them.


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