Psychic Wicca


Wicca is a bit like manbearpig: half religion, half spiritual tradition, and half entertainment. The important thing is the way you approach it; and that is up to you to decide.

The psychic path is not a religion, and the common ground it has with Wicca is the spiritual tradition part. Unfortunately, both are used for relatively shallow entertainment purposes - which is not necessarily bad, as entertainment can be used as a stepping stone for spiritual progress.

The underlying tenets of Wicca are respect and love for nature and spiritual forces - you can't go wrong with this. A psychic especially has to embrace such a world view and such a personal approach.

Wicca doesn't have a clear history or a clear structure. It was created from a mish-mash of spiritual traditions, rituals, beliefs and superstition. Some of it is useful, some of it is not, and a smart person takes from it what is useful.

The path of the psychic is mostly solitary, while Wicca is more of a group effort. If you can integrate the two well, you spiritual sight will be clearer.


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