10 Ways To Become Psychic


1. Pretend you're psychic

Even if you don't think you are psychic, pretend that you are. This can put you in the habit of looking at things from many perspectives.

2. Follow a formal tradition or system

Some of the most popular psychic systems are astrology and tarot, but there are many other spiritual disciplines as well. Following a system provides you with a framework to expand upon with your own observations and experiences.

3. Discern fire, water, air, and earth

The Greek elements (fire, water, air, and earth) offer very simple, yet very deep and powerful archetypes. Try to guess which element a thing, action, or person has most. By practicing this you can learn to see how the world fits together.

4. Practice synesthesia

When you hear melody, try to imagine what it looks like. When you encounter a new smell, try to hear it. When you see a color, imagine how it feels to touch. Practicing synesthesia can help you connect things to one another, and this can result in psychic abilities such as seeing the aura of people.

5. Improve intuition through self-confidence

When you get a strange idea, don't be quick to dismiss it. Have trust in yourself - a strange idea can become a good idea. Have the self-confidence to think outside the box.

6. Face your fears

Fears are the greatest obstacles to psychic and spiritual progress. Facing your fears is the first step to overcoming them. Fears cause our hearts and minds to close, while a psychic needs the strength to have an open heart and an open mind.

7. Ignore naysayers

People tend to drag you down to their vision of what is normal. Ignore only those who respond out of fear and do not offer a sound reason for holding you back. (Welcome constructive criticism, but ignore fearful need of validation.)

8. Practice meditation

Through meditation you can learn to focus on the energies of your own mind and body. Introspection through meditation helps a psychic master and balance his or her own 'backyard' before venturing out into the vast multiverse.

9. Study science

Science is the ally and not the enemy of the psychic. By learning more about psychology, physics, mathematics, biology etc. you can complement subjective, psychic understanding with objective, scientific knowledge.

10. Learn to love

Unconditional love strengthens natural psychic defenses, improves understanding and perception. It also expands your identity as a human being and is the most essential way of interaction in the psychic realm.

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