Psychic Money


There is nothing inherently psychic about money, but it sure is interesting how people make the idea of money real by consensually believing in it. In that regard, the creation of belief in money is somewhat a psychic and psychological process.

Many psychics offer psychic help and services to improve one's financial status. Although it is possible to give a boost to the flow of psychic energies which can somewhat become mirrored in the financial, economic flow, it is a short term boost at best.

Money is not only a form of social power, but also a form of social responsibility. If you ask someone to improve the power for you but you fail to claim the responsibility, it can only result in disaster.

The value of money lies in the fact that others will accept it from us in exchange for something else. If that is no longer true, the financial system breaks down. When handling money it is helpful to keep in mind that it is only an abstract idea, and without the underlying current of social interactions money is worthless.


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