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It is best to get a personalized advice from a psychic who cares about your well-being and spiritual progress. That said, in my experience many people share the same or similar problems in achieving a more wholesome and more fulfilled life. Here's a collection of free psychic advice - I find myself repeating these things most often when asked for advice:

- Don't be afraid! Fear kills not only the mind, but also the heart, and takes you in a direction of only more fear. If you're stuck in such a downward spiral, gather some courage and determination - and jump out of it.

- Learn to Love! You might say: "But I'm already familiar with love." Is it truly unconditional Love that you practice, or are you confusing emotional need with Love? My bet is on the latter, but I hope you will do everything in your power to prove me wrong and change the situation.

- Give AND take! Most people are quite selfish, and if you're one of them, learn to open up and give of yourself to the world. Some people are selfless, even to the point of martyrdom. If you are one of them, learn to take for yourself because you will create no balance otherwise.

- Strive for clarity! Clear your thoughts, throw out old and limiting ideas, and be open your mind for new ones that serve your better. Clear you emotions, get to know why you feel what you feel. Clear your spirit; prioritize your goals and be self-disciplined. Clear your body, for it is the base that supports your being as a human individual.

If you take these free words of advice to your heart, I'm sure you will start manifesting positive change in your life and be closer to taking steps (and eventually soaring) in the psychic realm.


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