Psychic Test


A 'psychic test' is usually a Zener card or similar test. Such a psychic test tries to measure psychic ability without understanding the underlying process. A test like that is simple, but superficial - it can be used for entertainment purposes but not as a learning tool.

Integration is very important for a psychic, and testing the ability to integrate makes for a better psychic test. Psychologists call the integration of senses 'synesthesia'. It is also known as 'confusion of senses', but a psychic thinks of it as 'connection and union of senses'.

A simple but effective psychic test is the following:

When you hear a song, try to associate other senses with it too. See the colors and motion of the music, feel its touch, taste its texture, smell its landscape. (Instead of music, you can also apply this test to people, activities or anything you like.)

A psychic sees the connection between things - integrating the senses leads to better psychic perception. A good psychic test offers feedback as well as valuable practice.


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