Psychic Quiz


A psychic quiz is a quiz of introspection. Psychic abilities are not 'tacked on' from the outside, but burst forth from within.

Psychic quiz
- Who am I?
- What do I fear?
- Where are my limitations (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)?
- How do I overcome my limitations?
- What is my potential?
- How do I realize my potential?
- As a psychic, which skills am I most proficient at?
- As a psychic, which skills and inner attributes do I wish to develop?

Quiet your mind, and pay attention not only to the answers you find but also the process by which you find them. Expect your answers to the questions in this psychic quiz to be fluid and changing frequently.

This psychic quiz has simple, yet deep questions. By regularly writing down the answers over a period of time you could keep a journal of psychic progress.


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