Love Psychic


There are two fundamentally different meanings of love, and there are also two approaches to being a love psychic.

For the first type of love psychic 'love' means 'unconditional love'. Unconditional love is the type of force that holds the universe together; unconditional love is not held back by fear and it brings strength and true happiness.

The love psychic who operates with unconditional love has his or her client's best interests at heart, and assists with spiritual progress and creating healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships.

The other kind of love psychic sees love as a mish-mash of fear, greed, envy, jealousy and need. This kind of love psychic teaches and engages in psychic seduction and emotional manipulation.

It is important to discern the first kind of love psychic from the other, as well as recognize the difference between these two fundamentally different kinds of 'love'.


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