Paranormal Psychic


A paranormal psychic specializes in understanding human perception, searching for its limitations and finding ways to overcome these limits.

A central issue for a paranormal psychic is determining what is 'normal', what is 'not normal', and what is 'paranormal'. 'Normal' is something that is commonly perceived, 'not normal' is something perceived but not too often, and 'paranormal' (beyond normal) is a perception that the human brain doesn't know what to do with.

A paranormal psychic accepts that the world is as it is; that 'normal' and 'paranormal' are just labels people like to attach to things to make them more familiar.

'Reality' is another important concept for a paranormal psychic. The collection of labels a person uses in his or her life constitutes that person's reality. The things that don't fit in are often chopped off or ignored - this is a basic defensive mechanism which gives us the feeling of safety.

The paranormal psychic's main activity is to compare realities against one another. This action, this quest to find essence in the psychic hall of mirrors can present the paranormal psychic with a key to great depths of self-knowledge.


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