Psi Ball


Making a psi ball is basic exercise for a psychic.

Take a moment to relax and 'tune in' to the energy flows around you. To start making a psi ball, take one stream of psychic energy and let it flow in the form of a circle or sphere. There are two main aspects for making a psi ball: motion and quality.

Aim to make the motion within the psi ball stable and well-formed, so that later you can influence it with almost no effort. The quality of the energy the psi ball is made of influences greatly its motion, so for starters try operating with a 'clean' energy.

To finish the exercise, let the psi ball dissolve by changing the psychic energy flows again.

Unless you want to, it is not necessary to make any physical motions with your body. Go through these stages within your imagination and make a clear, coherent and responsive psi ball.

The whole purpose of the psi ball exercise is for the psychic to recognize and master the connection between imagination and reality.


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