Psychic Tools


A psychic can use many psychic tools, ranging from purely mental and spiritual systems to physical focus items.

The important thing to remember is that psychic tools only serve to enhance the psychic's own abilities, and not the other way around. (It is a common pitfall to assume that it is the psychic tools doing the work and not the psychic.)

Some of the most widely used psychic tools are systems of astrology and the system of tarot. The most famous psychic tool is the crystal ball, which can be an aid for psychic meditation. Crystals or other items of purity can help with tuning in with a particular energy signature. Items of personal significance can serve as focus items, reminding and amplifying meditative processes.

There are many psychic tools at your disposal. In truth, everything is part of this world and almost anything can be used as a psychic tool if you find proper use for it.

Improper use of psychic tools results only in distraction; be sure to regard tools only as tools and nothing more.


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