Psychic Children


All children are psychic children. Being psychic or not is a description that applies mostly to adults, not children.

A newborn child is a clean slate, born completely exposed to the surrounding world. The psychic energies are overwhelming; there is no other option but to let them through.

There are two phrases that attempt to describe the state psychic children are in: 'complete faith in God' and 'blissful ignorance'. This state of consciousness serves as a protective and nurturing bubble until they develop themselves as individual persons.

As they grow up, psychic children may become psychic or non-psychic adults. A non-psychic adult took the path of eroding the 'complete faith in God' part of the psychic bubble and tries to regain the 'blissful ignorance' part. A psychic adult extends the first part to also mean 'complete trust in oneself' and converts the bubble into blissfully open presence.

Psychic children have the task to develop their individuality and make their inner world strong enough to face the outer world without fear.


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