Psychic Friends


Psychic friends are in the position to develop and enjoy a deeper relationship.

The friendship between two or more persons is greater than the sum of its parts because the relationship also creates a new 'whole', a new identity of its own.

There are two ways being psychic influences the relationship of psychic friends.

The first way is how being psychic brings less into a friendship: less fear, less deception, less manipulation, less jealousy, less miscommunication etc. This is because psychic development is closely related to personal development where developing a clear and strong personality is the goal.

The second way is how being psychic can bring more for psychic friends: more tolerance, more understanding, more empathy, more love, more responsibility, more transparency, more honesty. Instead of just regular means of communication, it is possible for psychic friends to develop telepathic (mental) or empathic (emotional) communion.

Keep an open heart and explore the possibilities of psychic friendship.


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