Psychic Phenomena


All phenomena are psychic phenomena.

For example, consider the common phenomenon of a flower growing in nature. A regular person considers a flower growing to be normal and ignores it without second thoughts. The reality of these psychic phenomena is outside the personal reality of most people.

A scientist could consider the act of flowers growing, but would not acknowledge them as psychic phenomena. Categorizing and understanding the parts of a system is what a scientist does.

A psychic feels the deep reality of psychic phenomena. A psychic can extend his or her consciousness and move along with the flow of things. For a psychic, a growing flower is not simply an external thing to be observed. It is an external reality which matches an internal reality - the psychic actually feels the growing flower and acknowledges the beauty of this complex motion.

Psychic phenomena are not separate from commonplace events. By taking off the sunglasses from our minds by which we filter the world so it would fit our perception, we can notice that psychic phenomena occur everywhere where we take the time to observe.


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