Psychic Mind


Although 'psyche' means 'mind', a psychic is not simply a person who uses only the mind. (A rational scientist fits that description better.)

A psychic is one who uses his or her entire being, including the mind.

A psychic mind is a clear, balanced and open mind. All three characteristics of the are important.

A psychic mind cannot be closed and narrow-sighted. A closed mind creates its own small world with its own rules and delusions, and severs the balance between the inner and outer worlds.

A psychic mind that is not clear places many obstructions before itself, and cannot clearly conduct psychic awareness or psychic abilities.

A psychic mind that falls out of balance is dangerous for the health and cannot be in this state for long.

To work towards fulfilling the psychic potential of your mind, the qualities of clarity, balance and open-mindedness are of utmost importance.


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