Psychic Numbers


Psychic numbers are a way to express deep layers of reality.

While regular numbers have quantity, psychic numbers have quality. The quality of psychic numbers is achieved through personal spiritual experiences and also by noticing the mathematical symmetries everywhere in life.

Here are some possible interpretations for the psychic numbers 0-10:

Psychic number 0 - the unnamed, basic reality
Psychic number 1 - oneness, the father aspect of God
Psychic number 2 - duality, the son aspect of God
Psychic number 3 - love, the holy spirit aspect of God
Psychic number 4 - form, structure, earth
Psychic number 5 - seed, change
Psychic number 6 - heaven and earth, symmetry, as above so below
Psychic number 7 - balance
Psychic number 8 - solidness, fixedness
Psychic number 9 - emptiness, lack, desire
Psychic number 10 - integration, a new level of reality

Disciplines such as numerology and kabbala create frameworks of psychic numbers and try to understand reality from within those frameworks.

Rather than getting stuck in interpretations, it is more important to understand and feel the movement of psychic energies represented by psychic numbers.


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