Psychic Spells


Psychic spells are a way of focusing and manifesting psychic powers through the use of form, structure, ritual or tradition.

An advanced psychic uses psychic spells as a form of meditation: by going through the motions of the psychic spell, the psychic 'eases into' the mindset from which he or she can achieve the goal of the psychic spell most easily. Psychic spells also serve as 'mind training': by repeating the motions many times the energy pathways within the psychic's mind get clearer and stronger.

A beginner psychic often mistakenly assumes that the form of a psychic spell is the source of its power. Psychic spells only serve as a bridge between the psychic and the desired goal - the source of power is the psychic and psychic spells can only enhance that power.

A master psychic understands that psychic spells are tools and uses them as a form of leverage: the ability to achieve maximal effect with minimal energy. The psychic spells of a master psychic are a fluid motion, extensions of the psychic's consciousness, and are often made up on the spot according to circumstances and potential tools at hand.


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