Psychic Predictions


Be careful about believing or making psychic predictions.

We like to think of time as linear - flowing from the past through the present and into the future. While such a view may be useful in day-to-day life, on a deeper level it is far from accurate. Psychic predictions rely on different views of time, and the accuracy of predictions is severely limited by the view of time within which it is presented.

Time as we usually perceive it is an illusion. Only the NOW exists, and there are infinite movements and perspectives to observe and create from. To a degree, psychic predictions can be about observing the NOW and seeing where the flow of time will lead. On the other hand, predictions not only predict but also create the future that is seen - thus psychic predictions are often no more that self-fulfilling prophecies.

A good approach to take is to forget about the idea of making psychic predictions, and replace it with the idea of being able to choose between a multitude of potential outcomes. Thus it is not about affixing the future, but choosing the path you wish to take through it. Believing that the world is predetermined doesn't say so much about the world as it does about you - it's best to keep your mind as open as the future.

Please pay attention to these things about the nature of time and consciousness. If you hear someone claiming to be able to do 100% accurate psychic predictions, be quick to doubt and dismiss such claims.


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