Psychic Warrior


A psychic warrior is a psychic who focuses on the destructive side of the psychic world.

(A master psychic is psychic warrior as much as a psychic healer. Both creative and destructive aspects have to be mastered and balanced.)

Who does the psychic warrior fight? There is no worthier opponent than one's own self.

The psychic warrior is a being of constant change. Viewpoints and perspectives are assumed, compared, and discarded - this process forms the core of the psychic warrior. The very identity of the psychic warrior changes: moves forward away from the old, looks back, compares, integrates and becomes a new person - every moment.

The fight of the psychic warrior revolves around the questions "Who am I?" and "Who or what do I wish to be?"

The main tool of the psychic warrior is self-discipline - the strength to clearly determine where the priorities lie and persevere in achieving them.


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