Awaken Psychic Powers


What is the difference between reality and dreaming? If you dig deep enough, nothing much.

'Awake' and 'asleep' are terms relative to each other, and this view can enable us to awaken psychic powers by adjusting our consciousness to the desired level.

Psychic powers (and the psychic realm in general) are hugely influenced by how we perceive our realities. We are all familiar with some basic states of consciusness: waking state, dream state, 'too much caffeine' state, fever state, headache state, tired state etc. Generally we just shrug them off without ever paying too much attention to how our mind functions and perceptions change.

If we do pay attention, we can find other states of consciousness: vision state, trance state, oneness state, enlightened state. A psychic can awaken psychic powers by merging the desired qualities of one state of consciousness into another. It is not uncommon to experience a baser reality and begin looking at our waking lives as a dream.

Our minds, our bodies, our realities are prisons only if we use them as such - awaken your consciousness and you will awaken psychic powers as well.


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