Psychic Telepathy


Telepathy is one of the easier 'fancy' psychic abilities. Communion rather than communication is the key to telepathic abilities.

Telepathy works using the principles of acceptance and love. (Love here means "the process of becoming one".) By accepting a person completely, you expand your own identity and your own flow of psychic energies to include another. To do this, you have to achieve a great degree of clarity within yourself. If your ego is closed and bloated, a reaching-out of any kind will be very difficult.

Seeing another person as yourself can have the nasty side effect that their fears now also become your own and you have to find a quick and effective to deal with such fears. The best way is to seek out and deal with your own fears beforehand so that these negative feelings don't 'resonate' and spiral out of control.

When you have achieved a sufficient level of identity, psychic telepathy is nothing more than looking at your own thoughts. If you know your own thought processes (the shape and flow that they take), you will much more easily notice how consciousness flows into the world at large.

Although we like to think that we think in words and sentences, this is only true for a very small part of our conscious thought processes. By using psychic telepathy with another person we can see the whole wide river, and the ability to locate a particular stream within that river of thoughts can only be improved through understanding and practice.

Psychic telepathy is the basic form of communication in the psychic realm.


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