Psychic Telekinesis


Telekinesis is one of the most difficult 'fancy' psychic abilities - controlled psychic telekinesis is even beyond the level of a master psychic.

To put it into perspective, finding the fountain of youth or mastering teleportation is easier than completely controlled psychic telekinesis.

A moderate form of telekinesis can work by using the simple principles of attraction and repulsion. By letting your consciousness mingle with the psychic energies around us, you can change the quality of said psychic energies, and thus create new motions.

Controlled physical telekinesis has one additional requirement: the ability of balanced focus, not too far from being immense enough to covert energy into matter. Not impossible, but... good luck!

Uncontrolled psychic telekinesis is much more probable. If you build up too much psychic energy in your body, it is bound to explode sometime. If there's enough energy, it may cause unwilling telekinesis. Also, if you damage the resistances of your mind and body enough to turn yourself into an uncontrolled conduit... well... stuff happens.

Learning to crawl before trying to fly is generally a sensible approach, and is more likely to get valuable results though time.


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