Fake Psychic


If everyone is psychic, there can be no fake psychics, isn't that so?

Even if there are no fake psychics in the strictest sense, there are people who are incompetent psychics and also people who have an inflated sense of themselves and their abilities.

What happens to people who are both incompetent and ego-centric? They tend to live in their own reality in which they see only the better part of themselves.

Even if a fake psychic is not intent on deceiving another, somebody will end up being deceived. Having a closed-minded vision of the world is something a psychic (or anyone) should strive to avoid.

We can judge 'fakeness' based on intent and based on result. If the intent is fake, then it is deception or fraud. If the result is fake, then it is incompetence.

A psychic should constantly reexamine oneself; including starting intent, working attitude, and ending result.


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