How Psychic Are You?


The degree of your psychic awareness or psychic abilities is not measured by some external test - it is measured by how useful your abilities are to you.

How psychic are you? You are very psychic. Everybody is.

Why don't we use more of our psychic powers on a daily basis? We like stability, we like to be sure in our knowledge (even if it is lacking), we are afraid of what we can do because we would have to face the consequences and take responsibility for them.

Be confident in yourself and be responsible. Better your attitude at every opportunity.

Big psychic powers lie in little things. Mastering the little things gets you prepared to handle the greater influx of psychic energies. Don't try to force the flow, just aim for greater elegance and simplicity with what you can influence.

Psychic abilities and psychic awareness come naturally - be ready.


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