Developing Psychic Awareness


The process of developing psychic awareness can be done in small steps or big ones.

If you develop psychic awareness in big steps, you can get there faster, but you are also more likely to lose your footing and fall flat on your face. That's not necessarily a bad thing if you don't mind the occasional bruise - just make sure to learn from your failures.

If you develop psychic awareness in small steps, you may not move as fast as you'd like, but your progress will be steady. However, your are not alone in this world, and the world moves as well. Some risks are necessary, and if you have the right attitute you won't be afraid making choices which include risks - just be smart about it.

Find your own pace.

During the course of time even your pace will change. Your comfort zone and learning abilities change - you change. Accept that change, and be prepared to find your pace, your 'level of vibration', again and again and again. Look forward to it.


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