If You Are Psychic...


If you are psychic - don't stop learning!

Being psychic is not a yes-or-no thing. It's about seeing more, doing more - living a more fulfilled life. If you have mastered a step on the road, congratulations! Rest as long as you feel like it, then carry on where your heart leads you.

If you are psychic, use what you have learned, even if only in a seemingly small way.

If you are psychic, act responsibly. All kinds of power, including psychic power, come with responsibility towards yourself. If you lie to yourself in one way or another, ultimately you will use the power you attained against yourself.

If you are psychic - enjoy it! Beauty is all around us, with your eyes open you can see the beauty and be one with it.

If you are psychic, help and teach. Pass on your insights to those who are hungry for them but got a bit disoriented on the way.


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