How To Enhance Psychic Abilities?


Enhancing psychic abilities is about integrating psychic knowledge and finding new perspectives and new uses for the psychic abilities you have developed.

Developing psychic abilities just to have them is a bit short-sighted approach. What do you wish to do with your psychic abilities? What are your goals?

It makes sense to be prepared and have many tools in your toolbox, but it also make sense to practice using the right tool for whatever you want done.

You can enhance your psychic abilities by adjusting them to the task at hand. Simple tools and simple skills are often most useful because you can easily adjust them to many kinds of different situations. If you develop complex, specialized abilities make sure you have good use for them.

Enhancing psychic abilities works through the feedback process - after doing something, evaluate. Evaluation allows you to optimize and adjust, and understanding the whole process leads to a stronger, deeper understanding.


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