How To Increase Psychic Abilities?


Increasing psychic abilities is not so much about brute force training, but rather improving your inner structure to be able to withstand greater flows of power.

If you have realized the value of self-discipline and also the value of paying attention to minute details, you will also soon realize the value of acceptance, clarity, and coherent structure.

The major tools of a psychic are his mind and his body - as they say, your body is your temple.

Psychic energy is abundant in the world, there is no need to try and build up stockpiles of psychic energy in your body. What is important though, is to realize enough inner clarity to let your mind and body regenerate and withstand greater amounts and varying qualities of psychic energy.

Increasing psychic abilities is a very simple process. What it requires in most cases is the courage to face your fears and the honesty to admit your fallacies.

Of course, it also helps to have a goal - what will you do with the greater influx of psychic energies? If you don't let it out for some chosen purpose, it will cause damage within one way or another.


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