Psychic Energy Meditation


It may come as a surprise, but psychic energy meditation is not all that different from the exercise of making a psi ball.

While making a psi ball, we try to recognize and influence energies which we mostly perceive to be outside of ourselves. This is a kind of exercise which approaches the subject of psychic energy from the objective side of things.

A psychic energy meditation is more passive and the focus is on perceiving the energies rather than trying to directly influence them. Here we deal with psychic energies inside of ourselves, and we observe the existing flow within our bodies and minds.

After relaxing, gently focus on a thought in your mind or a part of your body. Don't hang onto the image you see; let it flow away and follow it where it takes you. What kind of energy is that thought made of? How does it look like? How does it feel like? What kind of motions does it create within your body?

By doing this simple meditation you will more clearly perceive the flows of psychic energy, and see how a specific flow or vibration interacts with other flows - ultimately manifesting the form of your mind and body.


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