Psychic Energy Healing


After getting a bit of experience with the psi ball exercise and psychic energy meditation, starting out with psychic energy healing is a piece of cake.

Psychic energy healing operates with some very simple principles:

If there is too much energy in one place, take it away.
If there is too little energy in one place, put in some extra.
If you find a block, take it out or blast it away.
If the psychic energy feels dirty, clear it by raising it to a higher vibration.
If the flow of energy is convoluted, create a shortcut.
If the flow of psychic energy is feeble, pressure it.

With a little practice, you too can add simple, common sense techniques to this list. As you get better, you can focus more clearly on smaller streams of psychic energy and heal in a more focused, surgical manner.

It can useful to remember that psychic energy healing can be used at many different levels - spiritual existence, thoughts, feelings, bodily functions all have psychic energy flows associated with them.


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