Psychic Energy System


The nice thing about psychic energy is that it often flows in a way that self-reinforcing. For example, energy that flows in a circle.

Such self-reinforcing behavior of psychic energy actually causes it to have 'vibration' and 'frequency' - these attributes describing somewhat how often and in what form psychic energy recreates itself on a deeper level.

It is this quality of psychic energy which allows it to create psychic energy systems - which is ultimately how form and matter are created.

A human being is also a psychic energy system, with many levels of energy flow. Seeing which flows are balanced, self-reinforcing and healthy is very useful to a psychic. If you can discern a healthy flow from an unhealthy one, then you can start healing that much faster.

Studying the balance of psychic energy systems is pretty much the main requirement for an advanced psychic.


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