The Psychic Mind


The phrase 'psychic mind' might seem as a repetition of terms, but it is not that simplistic. The word 'psychic' points not only to the mind, but also beyond it.

One common perception is that the brain is where the mind is seated, and that the strict physical form of the brain creates the functions of the mind, which in turn create all aspects of 'self'. This perception is somewhat limiting, and that's why we have to use sometimes phrases which are a bit unclear - such is the case with the phrase 'psychic mind'.

Finding another way of looking at the human mind could be helpful. For example, it is quite useful for a psychic to look at the 'mind' not as a source of consciousness, but as a 'filter' or 'funnel' of consciousness which interacts with all existence and forms that which we call 'self.

The psychic mind has the ability to go beyond itself. Some perceptions are limiting, some are useful - but they are still only perceptions.

The key to learning new things and developing new abilities is to be able to change or cast away old forms which no longer suit us.


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