Psychic Goddess


When we say 'God', we may mean the unity consciousness which is the whole of existence. This and similar definitions can be constructed intellectually, but the actual meaning is difficult to experience and relate to.

So what do we do? We put a human face on it.

In a way, it is us humans who create gods and goddesses. We see some of our own potential: more capable, more powerful visions of ourselves. When our imagination of ourselves becomes more than we can identify with and relate to, we start to see it as something outside of ourselves.

Understanding the process of relating to such gods and goddesses is important for a psychic - this is the place where human personalities, consciousness, and deep reality interconnect.

This place is home to powerful archetypes, and one of the more powerful ones is the male-female duality: a god is a psychic force which gives all, a goddess is a psychic force which takes all.

Understanding such archetypal psychic energies and observing their effects everywhere is one of the things an advanced psychic does.


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