Psychic God


People have different ideas about who or what God is.

The common man deals with this issue quite efficiently - he puts it out of his mind and doesn't think about it. This kind of ignorance works quite well... until an "Oh fuck!" moment unwillingly forces some awareness to enter.

The religious man sees God as something external to fear and admire. Worshiping an external God gives one the illusion of safety and a degree of absolution of responsibility - if something bad happens, he can always write it of as God's will.

A psychic doesn't have the luxury of either ignorance or externalization. A psychic has to see God, breathe God, love God, be God - and carry the responsibility that comes with power.

A psychic is someone who learns about and uses the many aspects of God. Ultimately, 'God' is just a blanket term - naming something may also reduce understanding instead of increasing it.


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